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San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2009 Exclusives Checklist

A checklist of all San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Exclusives. This is a list of all exclusives, not just toys. Please let me know in the comments if I’ve missed anything.

Acme Archives Limited:
Avatar Exclusive Print (James Cameron’s Avatar)
Princess Leia Character Key
Star Wars Visions Limited Edition Print
The Princess and The Frog Limited Edition Fine Art Print
TRON Limited Edition Fine Art Print

Action Figure Xpress (AFX):
AFX Fan Boy Minimate Keychains
Exclusive Battlestar Galactica Battle-Damaged Cylon Action Figure Two-Pack
Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees with removable mask bust
Seventh Kingdom Queen figure blue feline variant
Transformers Battle Damage Jetfire Bust
Marvel Minimates 4-Pack Champions
Marvel Minimates 4-Pack Thunderbolts
Star Trek TNG “All Good Things” Enterprise D Ship
Terminator T2: Judgment Day Minimates 4-Pack Attack on Cyberdyne

Argonaut Resins:
Kalua Moola resin figure

Avatar Press:
Absolution #0 San Diego Exclusive
Anna Mercury 2 #1 San Diego Exclusive
Anna Mercury Artbook San Diego Exclusive
Anna Mercury San Diego 2009 Art Print
Bleeding Cool T-Shirt
Crossed #6 San Diego Exclusive
Freakangels No Chikkenz Art Print
Ignition City #1 San Diego Exclusive
Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks Art Print #1
Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks Art Print #2

Bleeding Edge
Silent Storm SDCC Exclusive

Dexter (The Dark Defender) 7-Inch Action Figure
Alex Ross Flash Gordon Barin Battle Damage 7-Inch Figure
Alex Ross Flash Gordon Dale (White Gown) 7-Inch Figure
Alex Ross Flash Gordon Klytus Death Scene 7-Inch Figure
The Twilight Zone Invader Bobble Head
The Twilight Zone Mystic Seer Bobble Head
EE Exclusive The Big Lebowski Talking Jesus 8-inch Figure
EE Exclusive The Big Lebowski Talking Stranger 8-Inch Figure
EE Exclusive The Big Lebowski Talking Donny 8-Inch Figure

Bongo Comics:
The Radioactive Man Event Mini Trade Paperback

Devil May Cry 4: Nero’s Red Queen Solid Steel Replica Sword (limited to 10
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles T-Shirt
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (Mint Tin, Blue and Pink Towels, Blue Badger DS Straps)
A number of unique Comic-con exclusive items on sale at the booth
SF20: The Art Of Street Fighter Book
Street Fighter IV Mad Catz Fight Stick Tournament Edition (SDCC Design)
Street Fighter IV Mad Catz Fight Pad (SDCC Design)
Dark Void “Will” statue
Monster Hunter “Felyne” plushies
Monster Hunter chopsticks
Plush key chains of Mega Man, Serv Bot, Chun-Li, Viewtiful Joe and more.
Ace Attorney laser-cut bookmark set of 3, Phoenix Wright (Gold Plated), Apollo Justice (Copper Plated) and Miles Edgeworth (Nickel Plated).
The infamous Capcom Grab Bag (also affectionately known as the “Capom Big Bag o’ Crap”)
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Free quest downloads for PSP.

Committed Comics:
The Unforgivable Exclusive Posters

Dark Horse
Domo Yellow Qee

DC Direct / Graphitti Designs (booth 2315)
Wed, July 22 – 10am Hal Jordan: Green Lantern – 3,000 pieces available
Thursday, July 23 – 10am Hal Jordan: Yellow Lantern – 1,500 pieces available
Friday, July 24 – 10am Hal Jordan: Blue Lantern – 1,500 pieces available
Saturday, July 25 – 10am Hal Jordan: Orange Lantern – 1,500 pieces available
Sunday, July 26 – 10am Hal Jordan: Red Lantern – 1,500 pieces available

Diamond Comics:
SDCC 2009 Dark Avengers Minimates Box Set #2
SDCC 2009 Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Utopia #1 Sketch Variant
SDCC 2009 Dark X-Men Beginning #1 (OF 3) Sketch Variant
SDCC 2009 Ghostbusters Angry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank
SDCC 2009 Ghostbusters Venkman & Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Minimates 2-Pack
SDCC 2009 Red Skirt Dawn PVC Statue
SDCC 2009 Transformers G1 Animated Megatron Bust

Diamond Select Toys:
Transformers G1 Animated Megatron Bust
Dark Avengers Minimates (Masked and Unmasked)
Dawn Red Skirt Statue
AFX Fan Boy Minimate Keychains
Ghostbusters Stay Puft & Peter Venkman Minimates
Ghostbusters Angry Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank
Marvel Comics Champions Minimates Boxed Set #1
Marvel Comics Thunderbolts Minimates Boxed Set #1
Star Wars Holographic Darth Vader Bank
Terminator T2 Attack on Cyberdyne Minimates Boxed Set
Transformers Battle Damaged Jetfire Mini-Bust

DKE Toys Booth 4732:
Coarse at San Diego Comic-Con, 3 “unknown” figures, limited to 50 each
Summer Ninja SDCC-Exclusive by Shawnimals (4″ x 4″, limited to 300)
O-No Sushi! Blue SDCC Exclusive by Andrew Bell
Zakkamono’s Miao and Mousubi GID Buff Monster Edition
Erick Scarecrow’s Soopa Maria Sandbox SDCC Exclusive
Pearl Rainbowasaurus SDCC exclusive
DIY Mythos Buddies SDCC Exclusive
Mini Treeson Set by Crazy Label

Entertainment Earth:
EE Exclusive Dexter (The Dark Defender) 7-Inch Action Figure
SDCC Exclusive Ben Linus Bobble Head 7-inches tall with Dharma Initiative logo base and Dharma Initiative packaging. Limited edition of 1,008
Toys“R”Us SDCC exclusive Halo(Grifball figure)
Toys“R”Us SDCC exclusive Sonic The Hedgehog Metal Sonic Urban Vinyl Figure
Toys“R”Us SDCC exclusive DC Universe 12-Inch Flash Figure
Toys“R”Us SDCC exclusive Marvel Dark Reign Minimates 4-pack

Four Horsemen:
Seventh Kingdom Ccora CSC Exclusive Figure

Elvis Presley Bobble Head
G.I.Joe Movie Edition Storm Shadow Bobble Head
Halo Metallic Steel Spartan Bobble Head
Jimi Hendrix Bobble Head
Black Suit Captain America Bobble Head
The Invisible Woman Bobble Head
Red Skull Bobble Head
The Thing Bobble Head
Star Trek Transporting Spock Light-Up Bobble Head
Star Wars 501st Clone Trooper Bobble Head
Star Wars Chrome C-3PO Bobble Head
Terminator: Gold Terminator Bobble Head
Where the Wild Things Are Max Bobble Head

Exclusive figures (including Tokoichi Seiju) and other goodies
Ojo Rojo Joker Colorway by Martin Ontiveros
Mini Zagoran
Crouching Zagoran
Mid-sized version of something
Mini Trashman Smoking Corps (Green)

Gentle Giant:
Classic Scale Spartan Halo mini-bust
Harry Potter Richard Harris Professor Dumbledore mini-bust
Blackhole Stormtrooper Statue
Darth Vader Breast Cancer Research Limited Edition PINK Helmet
Boba Fett Ralph McQuarrie Concept mini-bust (w/ interchangeable helmet)
Subject 16566: The Butcher
Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise
‘Mount Doom’ – Frodo and Sam
Gunmetal Grey Iron Man Mark III
Crimson Cobra Commander
Runaway Brain Mickey Mouse Oversize
Mort – Black and White Edition
Halo Classic Green Mini-Bust
Halo Classic Pink Mini-Bust
Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees with Removable Mask Mini Bust

Graphitti Designs, Inc.:
DC Direct Blackest Night Action Figures (Hal Jordan not only as a Green Lantern, but as a member of the Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow Corps)

Star Trek ‘The Corbomite Maneuver’ Lt. Uhura Ornament
Star Wars Shock Trooper & Shadow Trooper Two Pack Ornament

Crystal Chesney Thompson’s Deviled Haminal Plush

Optimus Prime Mighty Mugg Special Edition
Transformers: 25th Anniversary Soundwave Special Edition with 4 “tapes”
G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA 3 ¾” DESTRO 2-Pack Special Edition Figures
James McCullen IX (Destro)
G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA 12” BARONESS Special Edition Figure
Marvel Universe Grayscale Captain America Action Figure
Marvel Universe Invaders Action Figure Four Pack
Marvel Universe – 3 ¾ 70th Anniversary Box Set
Marvel Comics Wolverine Mighty Mugg
My Little Pony: My Little Pony 2009 Collector’s Exclusive Pony
Star Wars: Smiling Luke Skywalker Action Figure
Star Wars Force Unleashed Stormtrooper Commander Action Figure
Littlest Pet Shop: Littlest Pet Shop Collector’s Exclusive

Darwyn Cooke’s The Hunter
G.I. JOE Movie Adaptation Issue #1-4
Ghost Whisperer: The Muse
IDW Coming Attractions
Locke & Key “Ghost Key”
Locke & Key RI collection
Star Trek Countdown #1: The SDCC Exclusive Edition

JSR Merchandising:
Dimmu Borgir – Diaboli Comic Con Exclusive

Toys“R”Us EXCLUSIVE San Diego Comic-Con Metal Sonic

Jun Planning USA:
Exclusive Pullip Doll “LaLa” Highly Collectible Fashion Doll (Limited To 300)

Futurama Mini-Figures Pre-Release (limited to 300)
Mr. Shane Jessup 8” Lucky Cat Dunnys (1000 gold and 200 Glossy Black)
Delph 1200 plus 200 of the SDCC Exclusive Edition
Amanda Visell x Frank Kozik figure, run of 300
Holy Roller Fatcaps by DEPH Green (1200 pieces) and the SDCC exclusive Purple (200 pieces) and also comes with a DEPH poster
5” Wood Labbit by Amanda Visell and Frank Kozik (Limited to 300)

X-Force: Wolverine Fine Art Bust (limited to 500)
Yelena Belova Black Widow Bishoujo Statue
Live Sculpting Demonstration with master sculptor Mr. Junnosuke Abe
San Diego Comic-Con events with prizes totaling over $25,000.00 in value

Kuso Vinyl x Jure Gavran:
Urban Criminal Billy by Jure Gavran. Edtiion of 250 pieces, but only 75 at SDCC.

LucasFilm x Hallmark:
Star Wars Shock Trooper & Shadow Trooper Ornament Two Pack

He-Ro (three different Spell Stone variants)
Limited Edition Masters of the Universe Art Book (run of 1000)
DC Universe Classics Wonder Twins 2 pack & Gleek Set
DC Universe Infinite Heroes Massive 30″ and regular Anti Monitor
Ghostbusters Egon & Slimer
Justice League Unlimited Green Lantern Origins Three Pack
Disney/Pixar Cars Rescue Squad Mater
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear

Max Toy Co:
SDCC 2009 Kaiju Drazoran. Painted by master toy painter, Goto-san of Japan. (ltd to 15)
Neo Eyezon – Dream Rocket x Max Toy Co
Many Hand-Painted Customs
(Available @ the STRANGEco booth #4629)

McFarlane Toys:
Exclusive Grifball Spartan
Todd McFarlane SDCC Exclusive Comic Book ‘Haunt’

Mezco Toys:
Comic Book Hellboy Mez-Itz Figure
Hellboy & Golden Army Soldier 3 3/4″ Action Figure Set
Hellboy Abe Sapien 18″ Action Figure
Little Big Planet Sackboy w/ SDCC T-Shirt Action Figure
Living Dead Dolls Resurrection Set 3
Living Dead Dolls Variant Resurrection Set 3

SDCC exclusive Luke Dagobah variant of the S4 Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot (500pcs total / 100 per day)

The Godfather by Michael Lau
The Scavengers by Kathie Olivas
Two Faced Hazel by Kathie Olivas
PoPaganda by Ron English
Serv-O-Matics by Brandt Peters
Stephan LePodd by DoK A
V.I.N.CENT vinyl figure distressed paint deco (ltd to 300)

Mindzeye Studios:
Boomer RAGE Bronze Collector’s Statue
Dom Santiago FINAL HOPE Bronze Collector’s Statue
Marcus Fenix FINAL HOPE Bronze Collector Statue

Mr. Toast:
Ninja Joe the Egg

Street Fighter 4 Guile in Charlie Costume
Dead Space Isaac Clarke in Unitology Suit
Gears of War Lambent Locust Grenadier
TMNT April O’Neil with Mousers
Coraline in Star Spangled Sweater

2009 Comic-Con Exclusive Silver Astronaut Snoopy figurine
Peanuts 2009 Comic-Con Exclusive T-Shirts
Peanuts Astronaut Snoopy Lanyards

PopFun Merchandising, LLC:
Marvel 70th Anniversary Captain America Toon Tumblers Glass

Real x Head:
Lucky Cat Mini Green Calico
Mutant Zone Series 3 (Evilbat, Chaosbat, Mutantbat)
Black Mini Fortune Cat
Popsoda Baron Finger Puppet

The Lake Monsters Big Muscamoot Fire on the Water Version
Pure Tcho! Captain Biceps by Muttpop
Special SDCC / Wonder Festival Summer Dual Release :
The Lake Monsters Big Muscamoot
Booskamoot Tribute Version
Handmade Pocket Devil by Shawnimals Debut Release
The Lake Monsters Big Muscamoot Discount Factory Reject Unpainted Figures
Rotofugi Toy Nerd 09 T-Shirts

We’ll also have a good supply of Ninjatown Micro Plush, Marshall Series 1 and Tear Drips Series 1 on hand plus a couple Inked Pulp letter press prints and some neato buttons.

Shocker Toys (Booth# 3849):
*Dick Tracy B&W Suit version 500pcs
Dick Tracy B&W Trenchcoat version 250pcs
*Dethklok Re-release set 500pcs
*Dethklok Dr. Rockso Mallow 500pcs
*Phantom Mallow 500pcs
*SDCC Art Designer Mallow 250pcs
Sushi Pack (Wasabi) Mallows
Indie Spotlight Series1
Blank DIY Mallows in colors
Exclusive Mallow party release Beta Mallow 100pcs
(Thanks ShockerToys for the complete list!

*Available at the Shocker Toys Store

Sideshow Collectables:
Crimson Cobra Commander 12-inch Figure – G.I. JOE
Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise 12-inch Figure Set – Star Wars
Mort Vinyl Figure – Black and White Version – THE DEAD
Runaway Brain Mickey Mouse VCD – Disney (Medicom Toy)
Subject 16566: Butcher – THE DEAD
‘Mount Doom’ – Frodo and Sam Diorama – The Lord of the Rings

SOTA Toys:
SOTA Nightmares Resin Statue: Nyarlathotep (Black Variant)
Street Fighter Resin Statue: Ken Masters (White Gi Variant)

Star Wars:
This is a list of Star Wars items that will be available from various vendors. (Lucasfilm Pavilion 2913); Six giveaway “The Empire Muggs Back” buttons and card (FREE!)
Acme Archives (booth 5429); Princess Leia Character Key ($35), Star Wars Visions limited edition print ($10)
Chronicle Books (booth 1506); Art of Clone Wars limited edition hardcover ($120)
Comic Images (booth 2913B); Wicket and Shock Trooper super-deformed plushes ($10 each)
Creative Imaginations (booth 2913C); Clone Wars and Classic rub-on transfer packs ($5 each)
Del Rey (2913D); Fate of the Jedi and Death Troopers giveaway 2-sided poster, bookmark, and Darth Bane paperback book (all FREE!)
Diamond Select (booth 2607); Star Wars Holographic Darth Vader Bust Bank ($20)
DK (booth 2913G); Nine Star Wars LEGO postcards (FREE!)
Funko (booth 4829); 501st Clone Trooper Super Stylized Vinyl Bobblehead ($20) and TC-14 Bobble Head ($17)
Gentle Giant (booth 3513); Darth Vader Breast Cancer Research Limited Edition Helmet ($60), Boba Fett (McQuarrie Concept) Mini-Bust ($65), and Blackhole Stormtrooper Statue ($150)
Hallmark (booth 2913H); Shock Trooper and Shadow Trooper Keepsake Ornament two-pack ($30) and five Star Wars ornament buttons (FREE!)
Hasbro (booth 3329); Luke Skywalker Rebel Hero Action Figure ($9.99)
Mimoco (booth 2913M); Darth Vader Unmasked MIMOBOT, Luke Dagobah Variant ($34.95 for 4GB and $49.95 for 8GB)
Official Pix (booth 2913P); 11×17 Metallix photo of Luke Skywalker ($20), seven giveaway autograph cards (FREE!)
Penguin Young Readers Group (booth 2913R); Free Clone Wars “Secret Missions” mini-poster, Clone Wars “Heroes: A Pop-Up Storybook” sample, Clone Wars “Ambush” graphic novel sampler, and Clone Wars buttons (all FREE!)

Bill The Yeti variations:
Mantra Bill by Frank Kozik
Lanham Edition – White
Gangsta Bill by MAD

Super 7:
Jade Mongolion by L’amour Supreme
Green Gorilla Biscuits
GID Franenberry Frankenfighter
Magenta Massacre Hollis by LeMerde
Citrus Steven the Bat by Bwana Spoons
Vampire Rose
Red Devil Lucha Bear
Skulletor Dokurocks
Dokuwashi Mini Resin Figures
Jumbo Stormtrooper (rumored)
Iti-Pinehead Iti-Pinehead (run of 100)
“Big Sal” by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas
PGID (Pink Glow in the Dark) Mummy Boy
Le Merde Monster Factory Hollis Price
SOI Clear Glitter Ooze Bat

Tamashii Nations:
BLObPUS Exclusive

ToyQube x kaNO:
Boba-DEF figure. Limited to 150 pieces with limited quantity available at SDCC.

Bleach Hollow Ichigo Action Figure
Cute As Hell Elle Skelanimal
Emily The Strange Jinx Figure
Futurama Alternate Univers Leela & Fry Action Figure Two Pack
Naruto Rasengan Action Figure
Robotech Stealth Fighter Figure
Voltron Vinyl Figure
Voltron Black & Gold Vinyl Figure
Nelly the Zebra ZIP-A-GANG BIG HEADZ

GX-24N Tetsujin 28 Naked Version
Wing Gundam Early Type (crystal clear)
ZacPac-exclusive BE@RBRICK “Bad Town” by MAXX242
SKULLCAPTAIN FHP4 ‘GANGWAY YE CROWSNEST COPA’ extremely limited vinyl figure

Underground Toys:
Sixth Doctor with ‘Real Time’ Blue coat
Second Doctor with Telos Cyber Tombs Cyberman 2 Pack (colour)
Second Doctor with Telos Cyber Tombs Cyberman 2 Pack (black & white)
First Doctor with Dalek Invasion Of Earth ‘Black’ Dalek 2 Pack (colour)
First Doctor with Dalek Invasion Of Earth ‘Black’ Dalek (black & white)

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  1. Shocker Toys says:

    The San Diego Comic Con Exclusive list for Shocker Toys Booth# 3849

    *Dick Tracy B&W Suit version 500pcs
    Dick Tracy B&W Trenchcoat version 250pcs
    *Dethklok Re-release set 500pcs
    *Dethklok Dr. Rockso Mallow 500pcs
    *Phantom Mallow 500pcs
    *SDCC Art Designer Mallow 250pcs

    *Available at the Shocker Toys Store

    We will also have Sushi Pack (Wasabi) Mallows, Indie Spotlight Series1 and blank DIY Mallows in colors plus an exclusive Mallow party release Beta Mallow 100pcs.

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  3. Michael says:

    Bleeding Edge has a “Silent Storm” exclusive…

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