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Super7 Exclusives at SDCC 2009 REVEALED!

Super7 has released a list of their San Diego Comic-con 09 exclusives here. Click for a full listing and images. Rumor is there are more figures that will be available, but are not listed, such as the Jumbo Stormtrooper that was first previewed at SDCC 08.

Super 7:
Jade Mongolion by L’amour Supreme
Green Gorilla Biscuits
GID Franenberry Frankenfighter
Magenta Massacre Hollis by LeMerde
Citrus Steven the Bat by Bwana Spoons
Vampire Rose
Red Devil Lucha Bear
Skulletor Dokurocks
Dokuwashi Mini Resin Figures
Jumbo Stormtrooper (rumored)
Iti-Pinehead Iti-Pinehead (run of 100)
“Big Sal” by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas
PGID (Pink Glow in the Dark) Mummy Boy
Le Merde Monster Factory Hollis Price
SOI Clear Glitter Ooze Bat

Click to see ToyDirt’s full San Diego Comic-con 2009 Exclusives list.

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